Urbit Ship and Star Hosting and Troubleshooting Docs

See: https://zalberico.com/essay/2020/06/06/urbit-on-the-cloud.html

This proposal is for getting the above docs into the official Urbit install documentation for recommended best practices to host your own Urbit ship on digital ocean. This part should be quick since the documentation above is already written (it's just hosted on my own blog).

Then when that's merged, to use the star from that milestone to similarly document the best practices for hosting a star and common star workflows (escaping, bridge, OTAs). This will include relevant troubleshooting commands that are helpful for someone hosting a star to debug common issues.

All of this will be done with an eye towards maintainability of the docs along with explicit steps that make it easy for users to understand what they're doing (similar in form to the docs on blog linked above). This will also lay the ground work for potential tooling around alerting, debugging, and automation which could be described and scoped more explicitly in a future proposal once the manual processes are documented.


August 20th, 2020

Add Ship Hosting To Official Urbit Docs

Estimate: August 2020
Reward: 1 STARS
The team was awarded 1 STARS on Sep 7th, 2020, 6:55 pm.
The docs for running your Urbit ship in the cloud with best practices: (https://zalberico.com/essay/2020/06/06/urbit-on-the-cloud.html) will be added to the core Urbit.org documentation for users

Star Hosting/Troubleshooting Docs

Estimate: October 2020
Reward: 1 STARS
Write up docs about the best way to host a star and ways to debug common issues/workflows. End result should be a document that explains how to go from star ownership to hosting and supporting planets