Docker image for cloud container orchestration

Many cloud providers offer container orchestration services that abstract away from managing servers or compute instances (e.g. Amazon ECS, Azure Container Instances). A docker image tagged for the latest version of Urbit would drastically simplify the process of deploying urbits to the cloud, which is preferable for planets, stars, and galaxies.


  • A merged pull request to the urbit/urbit repository, with nix code to generate a docker image
    • With a volume-mountable path for a ship
    • With a volume-mountable path for a keyfile
  • CI integration to release the docker image as a GitHub artifact when version releases of Urbit are cut
  • CI integration to publish the image on Docker Hub when version releases of Urbit are cut
  • Documentation:
    • Reference for volume mounts and controlling the behavior of Urbit in a container
    • Volume mount points for keyfiles or existing ships
    • Ports to publish for Landscape and external API access.
    • Quickstarts for deploying an Urbit ship to
    • Amazon ECS
    • Azure Container Instances


Edward Amsden ~ritpub-sipsyl is a veteran developer with several years experience using Nix to manage production builds and deployments. He is the principal of Black River Software LLC


January 7th, 2021
Developer tool

Merged PR: Nix docker integration

Estimate: January 2021
Reward: 1 STARS
- Nix code to generate an Urbit docker image - CI integration to release docker images on GitHub - CI integration to publish docker images on Docker Hub - Documentation